About Group

The purpose of the physics division is to provide the general physics lectures for the students of the engineering faculty and the students of other related faculties and to make the scientific and technological researches at the universal level.

The engineering students are provided with the general physics lectures which have the quality not ever less than the world’s best universities. At the same time we also have the facilities (Mechanics and Electric Laboratories), where the students come to realize the applications of the theoretical information. Two compulsory courses are provided by the physics division. These courses are Mechanics and Electromagnetism. Beside the compulsory courses there is also Quantum Physics offered as an elective course.

Additionally, in the division the researches are made in the fields of solid state physics, nuclear physics and biophysics, and their results are published in international journals. For the experimental researches there exist the related laboratories.

Within the division, five instructors, five research assistants, and one technician give services.