PHYS 510 - Fortran

Fortran (PHYS 510) Course Details

Course Name: Fortran
Code: PHYS 510
Pre-requisite Course(s):  
Content: UNIX/LINUX platforms for FORTRAN; Basic UNIX/LINUX commands; Introduction to computers; Introduction to programming; Elements of FORTRAN; Control statements and loops; Do loops; Arrays and subscripted variables; Formatted input/output; Character arrays; Subprograms; Files in FORTRAN; Professional programming in FORTRAN; Comparison of FORTRAN77 with FORTRAN90/95; FORTRAN and UNIX in the execution of large, multi-run projects and in their analysis.
Term: Fall - Spring
Theory: 0
Application: 0
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 0
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ECTS: 7.5