Fizik 102 Lab

Fundamental sciences and engineering are largely based on measurements and making predictions using these data together with appropriate Physics Laws. One of the goals of PHYS 102- Electricity and Magnetism Laboratory experiments are to teach how to make measurements and to determine the degree of uncertainity of measurements. In this concept, students are expected to interpret a series of collected data and apply Physics Laws to explain an observed phenomenon.

Laboratory experiments start with ‘Experiment 0’ that is intended to teach the basics of measurement, basic instruments and calculations of further Physical quantities using collected data.

In this page you will see short definitions of each experiment and the regulations of the laboratory sessions.

Laboratory Rules
A student who does not attend the laboratory will be graded zero.

A quiz will be given at the beginning of each laboratory session and it is not allowed to take quizzes after 5 minutes from the beginning of lab hours. (otherwise, quizzes will be graded zero)
A medical or accident report is required to have the right of make up experiment. (a maximum of two make up examinations are allowed)
It is not allowed to enter the laboratory after 15 minutes of starting.
In case where a student gets two zero graded laboratories, he/she will fail in the laboratory and the course as well.
Eating, drinking, smoking, and using mobile phone are not allowed during laboratory sessions.
A student must bring his/her laboratory materials, namely; laboratory manuel, a ruler, and a scientific calculator to each laboratory session.
A student who does not bring the above listed materials will not be allowed to the laboratory.
Students should be aware of the grading system of the laboratory as 5 points for quizzes and 15 points for laboratory reports.
A student who is not able to get 12 points in average upon completion of 6 experiments will fail in the laboratory and the course as well.


Experiment 0: Measuring Instruments & Ohm’s Law

This experiment is an introduction to PHYS 102 Laboratory sessions. The basic equipments like multimeter, power supply, breadboard, resistors, are introduced. The session will end with a simple application of these instruments on a simple circuit, where Ohm’s Law is going to be applied.”

Experiment 1: Equipotential and Electric Field Lines

Learning the meaning of equipotential points and drawing equipotential lines with these points are the main aims of this experiment. Using the relation between equipotential lines and Electric Field lines, you will be able to draw the Electric Field lines of a charged ring. The interaction of electric field lines of three charged rings will also be observed.”

Experiment 2: Capacitors in Parallel and Series Connection

In this experiment, a simple circuit constructed as a combination of parallel and series connection of capacitors will be analyzed in terms of the potential drop of each capacitor and the equivalent capacitance of the circuit.

Experiment 3: Parallel and Series Combinations of Resistors

In this experiment, voltage and current characteristics are observed in various circuits using paralel and series combinations of resistors.

Experiment 4: Charging and Discharging a Capacitor

The time rate of change of the potential difference across the capacitor in an RC circuit is observed during the charging and discharging processes.


Experiment 5: Magnetism and Electromagnetic Devices

This is a demonstration experiment where the concept of Magnetism and Magnetic Field are introduced. Sources of Magnetic Field, generation of Magnetic Force and how Magnetic Field can generate current will be demonstrated. A simple setup called “Magnetic Levitation” will demonstrate how a small magnet is lifted with Magnetic Force.


                                      Magnetic Levitation                                                                                   Interaction of Magnetic Fields