Ramazan Aydın, Prof. Dr.

Ramazan Aydın

Contact Information

Phone:8506 - 8330
Office:A-2 Blok 2048
Home Department:Physics Division
Detailed CV

Academic Degrees

PhD of Philosophy Applied Physics Bonn University 1974
Master's of Science Applied Physics Bonn University 1971
Bachelor's of Science Physics Ankara University 1967

Academic Titles

Professor METU October 1988
Assoc. Prof. METU May 1981
Asst. Prof. METU January 1977

Research Topics

Laser Spectroscopy, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Optoelectronics



Aydın R. (2012), Calculation of Overlap Integrals over Slater-Type Spinor Orbitals of Arbitrary Half-Integral Spin using Auxiliary Functions, Phil. Mag.

Aydın R., I.Guseinov and A. Bagci (2008), Application of Complete Orthonormal Sets of ψά- Exponential-Type to Accurate Ground and Excited State of One-Electron Diatomic Molecules Using Single-Zeta Approximation, Chinese Phys. Lett., 25 (8), pp. 2841-2841-2850

Aydın R., II Guseinov, E. Şahin, and A. Bağcı (2008), Use of Basis Sets of Ψα – Exponential Type Orbitals in Calculation of Electronic Energies for One Electron Diaatomic Molecules By Single-Zeta Approximation, Phys. Scr. , 77, pp.45302-

Aydın R., Atalay, B., Demir, A., Kenar, N., Kacar, E. (2006), Simulation of Ni-Like and Co-Like X_Rays Emitted from Laser Produced Tin Plasmas, Czec. Jour. of Phys. , Prag, 56, pp. B430-B435


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Yazar: S. Balibar Çeviri Editörü: R. Aydın (2010), Atom ve Elma, ODTÜ Yayıncılık, Ankara

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