PHYS 515- Yoğun Madde Teorisi

Yoğun Madde Teorisi (PHYS 515) Ders Detayları

Ders Adı: Yoğun Madde Teorisi
Kod: PHYS 515
Ön Koşul Ders(ler)i:  

Condensed matter physics is the most active area of research in modern physics, whose scope is extremely broad. The ultimate goal of this course is to introduce its central ideas and methodology to the students, and get them prepared for thesis research in both experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics.

İçerik: Spatial structures of condensed matter systems, crystalline lattices and symmetries, dynamics of lattice vibrations and quantum theory of harmonic crystals, electronic structure of crystals, Drude-Sommerfeld theory of metals, semiclassical transport theory, semiconductors. 
Dönemi: Güz - Bahar
Teori: 3
Uygulama: 0
Laboratuar: 0
Kredi: 3
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AKTS: 7.5