PHYS 516- Yarıiletkenler Fiziği

Yarıiletkenler Fiziği (PHYS 516) Ders Detayları

Ders Adı: Yarıiletkenler Fiziği
Kod: PHYS 516
Ön Koşul Ders(ler)i:  

This course will cover basic properties of semiconductors, physical principles and operational characteristics of semiconductor devices, and advanced device issues relevant to state-of-the-art integrated-circuit technologies. The primary emphasis will be on silicon devices.

İçerik: Physics and properties of semiconductors, device processing technology, p-n junction, integrated-circuit technology, bipolar transistor, metal-semiconductor contacts, metal-oxide-silicon system, MOS field-effect transistor.
Dönemi: Güz - Bahar
Teori: 3
Uygulama: 0
Laboratuar: 0
Kredi: 3
AKTS Ders Dosyası:  
Ders Dosyası:  
AKTS: 7.5