PHYS 517- Modern Uygulamalı Optik

Modern Uygulamalı Optik (PHYS 517) Ders Detayları

Ders Adı: Modern Uygulamalı Optik
Kod: PHYS 517
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Quantum optics is a field in physics, dealing with the application of quantum mechanics to phenomena involving light and its interactions with matter. This course deals with the fundamentals of light waves and the basics of their classical description and understanding of lasers and their applicatios, i.e, photonics. 

İçerik: Topics include study of photons, laser fundamentals, laser design and LEDs.  The course also reviews typical applications such as material processing, information technology, holography and optical fibers. A student taking this course will be provided with the principles of lasers, LEDs as well as fiber optics and their applications.
Dönemi: Güz - Bahar
Teori: 3
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Kredi: 3
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AKTS: 7.5